Creating a horse legacy

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在蒙大拿州熊掌山,托德和尤娜·福特(托德 Ford)的牧场周围,到处都是马. 托德 and Una operate Treasure State Quarter Horses.


Many kids dream of horses, but Una Ford pushed her dream into reality. 在六年级, she marched into the local bank and cosigned a loan with her grandpa, 比尔年轻, 买她的头六匹马:三匹母马和三匹正在断奶的公马. 驱动, 决心和清晰的愿景帮助宝州四分马成长为一个繁荣的行业.

As a nutrition consultant, 水晶白 connects customers and feed dealers with accurate, reliable nutrition information.

Nutrition Know-how


“有太多的信息可以获取,这可能会让人不知所措,” says 水晶白, a nutrition consultant with 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 for 13 years. “我的工作是与马主交谈,让他们知道我在这里帮助他们解决问题.”

Nutrition consultants are always learning, 白说, through online classes, talking with suppliers, 利用推荐几个靠谱的买球网站动物营养学家的专业知识,并参加像Payback University这样的教育课程, which 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 offers each spring for feed dealers and nutrition consultants.


“You can have the best horses in the world, but if you don’t feed them right, you can ruin a horse,”白说. “You want to get that nutrition dialed in.”

Una and her husband, 托德, operate Treasure State Quarter Horses with Una’s parents, Ted and Barb Crowley, in the Bear Paw Mountains, about 30 miles south of Havre, 蒙特. 乌纳来自蒙大拿州的一个五代牧牛家庭,有着丰富的历史.

“I guess I am a black sheep in the family,” she says. “Everyone else was raising cattle, but that was not me at all.”


“比尔是这一地区和熊掌山一带有名且受人尊敬的骑手,托德说:. 他饲养了经过验证的牛马育母马,为今天的宝州四分之一马的血统奠定了基础.

但尤娜认识到她对马的热爱不仅仅是这样. Barbara Cowan owns Cowan Select Horses. Una从13岁开始为她工作,Cowan现在是她的亲密朋友和导师.


Quality from the Start

Una had a great supporting cast as she began to build her herd. 考恩教她如何照料马,以及家谱、遗传学、营养和饲料的重要性. Bill supported her dream, 尤娜的爸爸开车带着她去捡那些成为她牧群开始的动物.

“Good horses were central from the beginning,“Una说.

托德, 他在阿弗尔长大,自称是“彻头彻尾的城市孩子”,” joined the operation after he and Una married in 2000. They met through Cowan Ranch, where 托德 worked. He credits Cowan with introducing him to horses. 她有一个教练,每次托德有问题时,她都允许他去找教练.



“我真的很幸运能遇到这样的人,我可以观察他们. 他们总是带着我,影响我,帮助我变得更好.”

Treasure State Quarter Horses now breeds about 45 mares 每年. Those 45 mares are bred by three stallions. About 35 to 40 foals are sold every fall.



Una is a registered nurse at Northern 蒙特ana Hospital in Havre, while 托德 works on the ranch 完整的-time. 他们的女儿,13岁的梅茜和12岁的艾希琳,是手术的重要组成部分. 女孩们跟随母亲的脚步,在去年夏天购买了第一头育母马. 托德 and Una cosigned the bank notes.


“There are so many phenomenal horses out there,” 托德 adds. “If they are going to do it, they need to do it right.”

从左, 托德和尤娜·福特和他们的女儿在蒙大拿州熊掌山经营着宝州四分马, Maisie and Ashlyn, and Una’s parents, Ted and Barb Crowley.

这一理念贯穿于福特公司经营的每一件事, from genetics to nutrition, and brought them to Equis® feed, a line of horse feeds from 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站.

大约六年前,福特想要改变他们的饮食计划. Their local feed dealer got them in touch with 水晶白, the Equis feed representative in 蒙特ana.

“Crystal was extremely helpful from the get-go,“Una说. “She was knowledgeable and knew right away what would work best for us.”

White looked at the Fords’ horses, 观察了它们可用的饲料类型,并提出了一个适用于整个行动的喂养建议.

“Our program is very diverse,托德说:. “买球比较靠谱的网站有从断奶到两岁大的马,有母马和公马,还有表演饲养的竞技马. We needed a feed program that would cover that wide spectrum.”

宝州四分马饲料各种Equis产品:元素, Generation and Golden Senior. 他们补充米糠和每日35饲料给许多断奶仔猪. 他们还喂养HorsLic Omega Elite浴盆,这是一个与Equis合作的新一代补充剂品牌.

“Equis feeds are high-quality, affordable products,托德说:.


Success in the Arena

宝州四分之一马作为桶形赛车手,从海岸到海岸,从边境到边境出售马匹, 套马, 奶牛马, ranch horses and mounted shooters. They’ve even had inquiries from overseas. Much of their success is because Una, Maisie and Ashlyn compete in barrel racing, both amateur and pro. People in the industry see their success and that translates into sales. But Una says they have a secret weapon.

“The girls and I couldn’t compete without 托德,” she says. “要在那样的水平上竞争,你必须有人能帮助你起步,然后进行微调.”

That’s 托德’s role. 当女儿们去上学,尤娜去上班的时候,他每天都在牛仔竞技活动的拖车里骑马和训练六匹马, 包括冬季注射COVID-19疫苗的几个小时. 托德在春天监督马驹,确保马健康茁壮. 女孩们和尤娜在力所能及的情况下提供帮助,帮助缰绳的折断、训练和骑小马.

“每天, 每年, we are thinking about how we can make our herd better and stronger,“Una说.

尤娜从中学开始的梦想又回到了起点,她和托德把女儿们带进了马业. 他们希望这两个女孩将宝州四分马延续到下一代. 


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